Goose Hunting

Goose hunting at Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge is nothing short of phenomenal. Thousands of Canadian Honkers call the surrounding area home each year. Many of which are hatched and raised on Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge properties. Hundreds of thousands of Canada Geese migrate down the Pacific Flyway each year and never venture south beyond the Columbia Basin, home of the Eagle Lakes Ranch.

Nearby are the Columbia National Wildlife refuge and the Columbia River which are major resting areas in the flyway. Our goose hunts are primarily conducted in the fields, either out of pit blinds or our 1 man Final Approach Eliminator Blinds. We also use portable standup blinds for some hunts. The birds are well rested and decoy wonderfully (average shot 20-35 yards). At Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge we average 70% honkers to lesser ratio. Guides recommend BBB or BB for goose hunts.

We also have incredible goose shooting over water. If you have ever seen geese coming back home to water after they have been munching in the fields all morning, you know it is one of the most awesome sights there is.

With over 200,000 additional acres under lease for the hunting season, we always have opportunities for fantastic shooting awaiting you.

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