Duck Hunting

Each year limit shooting is the rule, not the exception. You can choose between duck or goose hunting in the morning or a "combo" hunt where both ducks and geese are possible. We provide the best in guides, blinds, decoys, dogs and boats. With over 100 lakes and ponds in several counties, there will always be a "honey hole" available for you. Whether you enjoy the classic duck hunting setup, mallards over decoys in a small secluded pothole, or prefer big water shooting, we have both. Guides recommend #2 or #4 shot for decoying ducks.

Duck hunts primarily take place over water. We have over 40 flooded corn ponds and many of these will never freeze over. We have numerous warm water hot springs that will always provide open water for the ducks. We also have moving water which is located near hundreds of acres of corn to keep the ducks fueled up. Lastly, there are many ponds that have aerator systems that push water to keep water open all season for the ducks. Most of our duck ponds provide an easy walk to the blind, whether it is a nice pathway or a smooth road your guide will make it as easy as possible for you.

Much of the Columbia Basin freezes in the latter part of our hunting season. With millions of gallons of fresh water flowing through our properties every day, Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge always has open water to hunt on.

We hunt out of all different types of blinds. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible and well secluded. The blinds range from; standup blinds, floating blinds, rock blinds, portable blinds and pit blinds. Most of our blinds have benches in them or your guide will provide you with a comfortable chair.

Washington State has one of the most liberal season and bag limits in the country, so you will be able to take home a bunch of these delicious corn fed mallards for family and friends to enjoy.

The late season can be most productive, as the weather forces thousands of ducks to our warm water areas.

Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge has been in the Bernsen family for over 50 years. We are continually upgrading our properties with new habitat projects designed specifically for the birds each year. Blinds are maintained and improved annually, ensuring your comfort and success.

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hunting land richland wa
hunting land richland wa
hunting land richland wa