Eagle Lakes Ranch Lodge

“It was one of the all-time great adventures to share with my son, Matt. His eyes were wide open with excitement from the moment we arrived. Your team made us feel welcome from the first moment through our last goodbye. We were so impressed with the professionalism of the organization as well as your tireless efforts to rotate hunters to get everyone good shooting. All your guides were fun, dedicated and excellent callers.

The substantial investment in the operation and hours of preparation were obvious. I have hunted and fished in many places around the world, and Eagle Lakes Ranch ranks in the top three I have ever visited.

More importantly you helped me cement the hunting tradition in my son and create one of those rare life-long memories.”

-Paul Finkle

“Perfect hunting experience every time I go to Eagle Lakes. They have many different locations to hunt from and will move you to where the birds are working. The guides are all top notch and know how to treat their customers. The lodge is incredible nice rooms and the food is always great.”

-Dave Buttner

“Eagle Lakes was an experience I will never forget: fast and furious mallard shooting, experienced and passionate staff, and some of the best food and accommodations anywhere. It’s the only place in the world you will hear, “Let the pintail land so we can get the greenheads working the pond!”

-Jeremy Ashe

“The Bernsen family along with Darryl Markham continue to amaze me with their knowledge of waterfowl and habitat management. There is a nine-month preparation building blinds, fine-tuning ponds, and planting food plots, all for the coming season. Eagle Lakes’ goal is to provide the best hunting opportunities for guests, which is no surprise they have so many repeat customers.“

-Al Firenzi

“Eagle Lakes has taken the lead as the premier “must do” waterfowling destination in the Western US. There is simply no more compelling location for the discriminating sportsman to pursue their passion. At Eagle Lakes, you’ll discover how easy it is to turn your hunting dreams into a first class reality.”

-Yancey Forest-Knowles


Eagle Lakes Alberta Waterfowl 

“This past season a close friend, my son, and I decided to do some early season hunting in Grand Prairie, Alberta with the Eagles Lake gang.  This proved to be a great idea!  We shot more ducks and geese in 3 days than I did the entire rest of the season!  We hunted in late September and the conditions were ideal.  Not too cold, not too hot, but just right.  There was plenty of variety with different species of both ducks and geese.  We hunted both morning and evening hunts on all days and never hunted the same place twice.  Bring plenty of ammunition, there will be no shortage of opportunity.  As per their routine, the Eagle Lakes crew had everything pre-scouted and there was no sitting on your hands waiting. The country is very beautiful and interesting. The locals are friendly and the dinning opportunities more than adequate (great local steak house). All said, this was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing hunting outings I’ve experienced. What a great way to get things fired up for the year! There is nothing a waterfowl hunter likes better than wide open country full of naïve ducks and geese.  Do this thing and enjoy!   Good hunting!”

-John L. Pennings


Hunting in Canada with Ryan is everything you would expect. Tons of birds and great spots to hunt. His hard work scouting and setting up blinds pays off every time. The only outfitter I will use.”

-Dave Buttner

“I just want you to know how much I appreciated all your efforts to provide a perfect hunt for waterfowl.  You displayed a very passionate attitude, to provide the best hunt for Geese and Ducks. Your knowledge of the area and the constant scouting of the fields and the waters absolutely paid out. There were unlimited opportunities every day. Your blinds and decoys were top of the line.

It was also very important to me, that you are not only very experienced and a good caller, but also very personable. I came as a stranger and left as a friend! My whole experience was nothing but the best.   I can’t wait to hunt with you and Doc, your hard working dog, again. Thank you and until next time”
-Dr. Martin Rahn