Spring newsletter 2019


Eagle Lakes ALMOST SPRING Newsletter

Eastern Washington has continued to get pounded with cold weather and lots of snow through the first week in March.  It’s not surprising that we finally got a winter but how late it is and how long its lasting.  The birds should be staging and getting ready for their journey back north but there not.  There are hundreds of thousands of ducks still in our warm water ponds and lakes eating the last of the corn crop and following the cows around looking for more.  The weather should break soon and things will get back to normal.  I’m so happy that we still had plenty of warm water and food left for them to imprint on the ranch during these difficult times.

2018-2019 Season:
With one of the mildest hunting seasons weather wise on record to have averaged 5.9 ducks a gun and 3.5 geese per man is nothing short of remarkable.  I have heard some preliminary numbers of less than 2 ducks per man average coming out of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California.  I sure hope those numbers are better than what’s being projected.  Right now, you have every Arm Chair Quarterback chirping from the cheap seats about hunting pressure, bird management, and how the corn ponds are changing the flyways.  Bottom line weather played a major factor this season.  The late migration from Canada and the mild temps in Eastern Washington made for some long days in the field.  Our harvest numbers and our wintering migratory waterfowl bird counts have been pretty darn consistant from the mid 1970’s to present.  This season our early shooting wasn’t nearly what it has been the last few years.  October and Early November was tough with the migration running so late.  We had friends from Canada that were still pounding the ducks and geese into the latter part of December.  Once we got our ducks it was game on.  We held the ducks right until the very end.  The shooting in December and January was epic.  The goose hunting was strong from day 1 to the finish line.  We had very few poor days on the geese.  We did shoot a lot more lessers and snow geese than normal with the honkers running tardy.

2019-2020 Season:
Opening Day has been set for Saturday October 12th and the season will finish up Sunday January 26th.  There will be a two-day closure for ducks on Oct 31st and Nov 1st that could change to Oct 17th and 18th.  The WDFW hasn’t confirmed that yet.  Kaci and Becky have been charging deposits this week for all those that pre-booked.  For those who haven’t booked yet, I would recommend getting with the girls ASAP to lock up your dates.  We will update our calendar online on a regular basis so it’s easier for you to schedule.

Prices will remain the same for the 2019-2020 Season.

Group leaders, fathers, individuals remember anyone born after 1972 HAS TO HAVE PASSED A HUNTER SAFETY COURSE in some state.  They will need that CERTIFICATE NUMBER in order to obtain a WASHINGTON LICENSE.  If you don’t have this you can take a hunter safety class online in some states that doesn’t take very long to complete.  They will give you a certificate that has a number on it that will allow you to get a License.  Washington State also has a ONETIME deferral that we can utilize to get you a license but it takes a couple weeks.  If you have any questions call the office and they can help.  PLEASE DON’T WAIT until the last minute.

Ryan only has a couple slots to fill between Archery and the modern firearm season.  2018 was fabulous with all hunters filling their tag with a quality animal.  Everybody had a blast nothing but positive feedback.

CANADA:  Grand Praire Alberta
If you have been up there your probably already booked to come back if not you owe it to yourself to go see what Ryan has to offer.  Shoot limits of Mallards and Honkers over the same spread of decoys or do two separate hunts, ducks in the morning and geese in the afternoon 8 duck 8 goose limit.  Come see where the birds are first introduced to man as they start their migration.

The bass and walleye should start turning on in early April and be absolutely hot by the middle of the month.  The smallmouth fishing is always great but we really hammered the giant largemouth this past year.  Bring the family over for a day in paradise on our private lakes.  Salmon fishing will get rolling the first part of July and we will run trips through September.

We had several of our good hunting clients put together groups for some cast & blast fun in the sun.  Come over and relax, get a little work done, do some shooting on our state of the art five stand range and finish off your day with some incredible fishing.

Back by popular demand!!  We are going to have our Youth Waterfowl Camp on June 19th thru 23rd 2019.  Have the kids come over and learn how to shoot, call birds, decoy setup, blind building, and pass their hunters safety course as well if they need it.  There will also be lots of fishing for bass and walleye and swimming and hot tubbing at the lodge.  This camp is all inclusive call the office for details.

Follow us on Facebook and our newsletter for our special pricing dates.  We gotta keep these kids interested in our great sport.

DOVES:  Sunday September 1st opener
Always a fan favorite!!  Come shoot multiple boxes of shells to try and take down a limit of birds, great action for the kids or just a nice warm up before the waterfowl season, the action is nonstop!!  You can also mix it up with a combo bass or walleye trip to make a full day experience.  Usually were very busy the first few days but the shooting remains strong throughout the month.

As always thank you for your continued support of Team Eagle Lakes and the Bernsen family.  We couldn’t do it without you.