December Newsletter


​​​​​​​​December 31, 2018

Merry New Year!!!!                                          

  Eagle Lakers,

​What a great way to finish the month of December off with a bang giving us great momentum going into January.  We harvested 152 limits of ducks (1,064) over the Holiday week (that translates to limits for all).  We had a very solid month in general.  The first few weeks we had a lot of allday hunts to get the job done but lots of Happy Hunters by the end of the day.  Goose shooting has been tremendous all year long.  We are on pace to shatter all previous record harvest numbers.  We haven’t shot as many honkers as usual but still getting our fair share.  We also have had our bestyear on snow geese, which has been a nice bonus.

​Most of our guests have taken advantage of our pre booking for 2019-2020 season and have locked in their dates already.  For those of you who haven’t I would start looking at the calendar soon and get some dates picked out.  Lodging will be very difficult to come by soon.  Book your trips NOW!!  We will still have plenty of drive direct hunts available throughout the year.

January 2019 Open Lodge Dates:

Jan 7-8

Jan 10-14

Jan 20-25

GOOSE HUNTING IS PHENOMENAL!!  Lots of drive direct spots available!

Goose days 2019:

Jan 1-2​​​​​​​​

Jan 5-6

Jan 9

Jan 12-13

Jan 16

Jan 19-26

I got to give kudos and happy slaps to all my parents for bringing out the kids.  We had a ton of kids this month, Great Christmas Presents!!  Also lots of young ladies, and women hunters on their first trips.  This is so cool for us to see the joy on all their faces as the birds decoy right in.


Mike Bernsen