Opening week 2018

Opening Week Newsletter

​​​​​​October 22, 2018

Eagle Lakers,

Duck hunting was very strong for the first week with mostly limit shooting.  This past weekend we saw mixed results with the full moon and more bright, warm, sunshiny days.  The birds became very nocturnal as the week progressed.  We had a lot of quality afternoon hunts where we smashed the ducks and a few hunts that got to see an incredible show with the Mallards pouring in about 10 minutes after shooting hours.  As of press time today the duck hunts were going very good.  In general, the duck hunting was a lot tougher then I thought it would be considering the great local hatch and an early sprinkling of Northerns.  The big herds of duck should be arriving any day now.  

Goose hunting was outstanding right from opening day through the second weekend.  We only had two non-limit goose shoots.  The honkers decoyed fabulously not even circling just cranking and banking landing right in the spread.  We harvested over a 150 Honkers in 5 goose shooting days.  We saw our firstbunch of Lessers yesterday, 7 came in and 7 went down.  The lesser Canadian Migration is probably running about 10 days later than the norm.

Deer hunting was unbelievable with all 12 shooters scoring a quality animal on their first full day of hunting.  Several of the groups had extra time to burn and jumped in either the duck blind or goose pit with us as well.  We harvested some giant, healthy, grain fed mule deer that will be great table fare.  The butcher is one HAPPY GUY!!!!

We have some great new Eagle Lakes swag this year!  From outerwear to casual you will definitely find an item you’ll want to sport!  And don’t forget to bring something home for the lady in your life!  We have beanies, tops, and pajama pants that make for thoughtful gifts!

Locals and instate hunters don’t forget this is our kids ½ price weekend.  We only have a few groups scheduled so far.  Dads get the kids out blasting, you won’t be disappointed.  We will have some other kid days around the holiday cycles.  Great for Christmas Presents!!