Spring Newsletter

Eagle Lakers,

Exciting news around here!!  We have hired a new guide on May 10th @ 4:13 a.m., weighing 7 lbs 7 oz 21” long.  Brayden Michael Bernsen arrived in this world and signed his first free agent contract, with Ryan and Jess’s approval, his employment start date will be 9-1-2030.  If he’s anything like his daddy, 12 yrs old should be perfect to start taking out duck and goose hunters.  Mom and baby are doing Fabulous.


The first wave of our pre-bookings have now been confirmed and are in the books.  Thank you to all who booked their trips before they departed from their hunts last season.  This is so helpful moving forward into the next season having over 50% of our dates already spoken for.

We’re headed to California on the first of June to continue our sales season and attending the Suisun Marsh Day on Saturday June 2nd.  If any of you are going to be around make sure you stop by the booth and say hi or if you have some dates in mind we will get you signed up.  This is always one of our favorite trips of the year.

For our instate hunters it’s time to start picking out your dates.  There are lots of good cycles where there are single dates or several days in a row that we can fill in and accommodate you for both lodge package hunts or drive direct hunts.  We also encourage those who want to be on call for “Short Notice Trips” to let the office gals know so we can call you when we have too many birds and not enough shooters.  We have also picked up some more extraordinary goose leases that should provide some excellent opportunities to whack some geese after your limit duck hunt.

We have a new calendar on our website that will help show what dates we have available as far as lodging.  It will be updated daily.  You will still have to call the office to make all reservations.  This is the link to our new calendar  https://teamup.com/ksabpv16notce7ccqi.  Once you have it pulled up, click on month on the top right, then on the top left find the month you are interested in.  We hope this will help everyone find the exact dates they need.

As of now we have about 75% of all the corn planted on the farm as well as in all the ponds.  We still have some wet areas that we use a shorter variety of corn that will be planted within the next few weeks.  We also still have to plant all the new projects.  We started out thinking we were going to just make (1) really nice new corn pond this year but we decided to get a little more aggressive.  We made several areas about 3-4 times as big as they were and another beautiful new pond is almost finished.  Warm water flowing through flooded corn and surround by thick Russian olive trees for a nice quiet, secluded little honey hole.  Most of our new habitat projects have been homeruns, but we have one new spot that has grand slam written all over it!!!!

NOTE:  A couple of changes from the state on our calendar.  October 18-19 are now duck hunting days and the new CLOSURE DATES ARE NOVEMBER 1-2!!  November 12th is a goose and duck day.

The Fishing on our private lakes has been amazing.  We had a corporate retreat/birthday party go out on Saturday for a few hours. 11 guests caught 91 largemouth, 141 smallmouth, and 6 walleye, that Bonnie and Betty created some yummy appetizers out of, before their prime rib feast.  If anybody is interested in doing a retreat or just bringing the family over for some great food and wonderful fishing action contact the girls @ the lodge and they can get you hooked up.

Dove hunting is just a few months away, starting Saturday September 1st.  We will be blasting away like always.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many doves this early, they are everywhere.  With the Eurasian Doves in the mix the last few years and the extended season we should have quality dove action right through the first of October.  The Dove hunting is very user friendly price wise and we always have great specials for the kids.

I hope everyone has a great summer and quality family time coming up soon.  It’s only 143 days until opening day and we can’t wait to get the season started.  The duck and goose numbers look very strong and all signs point to a very successful 2018-2019 Season!!