December Newsletter

Happy New Year Eagle Lakers, January 2, 2018
Streaky is the only way to describe December. The first 2 ½ weeks of the month is one of our busiest cycles of the year and normally one of our most productive. The ducks definitely had the advantage, clear, cold stagnate weather made for some long days in the field. On these birdie blue days the ducks sometimes didn’t even move until the afternoon time. The Quackers were on their time, mostly just loafing on big water and moving around when they wanted to. We still had lots of good quality hunts during this time period but just too many slow ones for my liking. When we finally got the weather back in our favor we pounded them good. The last week of December was fabulous with a lot of quick limits on Mallards. Let’s hope we can keep this rolling through January.
GOOSE shooting was a nice relief for a lot of our hunters who struggled with the duck hunting being so tough for part of the month. We hammered the honkers on most days even when the conditions were tough we battled and got our guys in to birds. The geese have been pounding the winter wheat fields and are off the corn program the last week or so for the most part. I was pleased at how well they decoyed considering the weather. My guides were putting them right in the hole 20-25 yards backwinging. We also had some excellent combo shoots over water where we harvested both ducks and geese over the same spread of decoys.
If you’re still thinking about a January hunt, I would get right on it. We have almost no lodging available except the last week of the season. For example a few dates available are:
• January 21 2 rooms left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
• January 22 1 room left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
• January 23 3 rooms left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
• January 24 7 rooms left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
• January 25 11 rooms left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
• January 26 10 rooms left plus 4 bedroom auxiliary housing
There are still a few drive direct duck hunting dates available and we can take a bunch of goose shooters down the stretch.

*Note: We are already over 50% booked on lodging dates for the 2018-2019 season. Kaci has all the books ready to go for reservations were not charging credit cards for deposits until March 1, 2018. I hope this makes it easier to get your dates confirmed and put your groups together.


Mike Bernsen