Spring Newsletter 2016

Spring Newsletter
Things have been jumping around here a lot earlier than normal with the incredible weather we have been having. The temperatures have been in the 70’s and 80’s for a few weeks now. The farm looks great, the corn has been planted since early April and is now shooting out of the ground. My crew has been busy mowing, discing, rotovating, and fertilizing the corn ponds getting ready to plant next week. They have also been building and repairing dikes that needed some work. I think their best work so far has been building blinds. We will have over 20 new blinds this year to make your hunting experience even more enjoyable and definitely more comfortable. The local duck hatch looks great. The boys have been seeing a lot of eggs in the nests and in the wood duck boxes. All early indications coming out of Canada look promising for the pacific flyway.

Open Lodging Date Cycles:
• Opening Weekend (1st time not pre sold)- 3 rooms
• October 21st arrival- hunting 22nd to 24th, lots of availability. (This weekend is like a second opener with the 2 day duck closure on Thursday and Friday)
• November 25th arrival- hunting 26th through 30th, 4 rooms.
• December 18th arrival- hunting 19th through 23rd, lots of availability.
• December 26th arrival- hunting 27th through 31st, 6 rooms.
• January 5th arrival- hunting 6th through 11th, lots of availability.
• January 18th arrival- hunting 19th through 28th, 6 rooms.
These are just some big cycles that have not been filled yet. We still have lots of individual days or a day or two still available as well. Call the office for your specific needs.

❖ For those of you who have not gotten your deposits in yet please do so ASAP or call Kaci and release your dates that have been pre-booked. Others with partial deposits please round up your troops!

Drive Direct Hunts:
​We are offering a special for drive direct hunters that book their trips before June 1st 2016. You will be able to get last year’s pricing of $300.00 per person per day until that date. After that it will be $350.00 throughout the season. (Kid rates still apply.) For those of you who have already booked, we will make an adjustment in your accounting.

Alberta Hunting:
​Ryan still has openings for duck and goose (combo hunts) in Grande Prairie Alberta this fall. The shooting has been absolutely phenomenal in the past. Shoot ducks in the morning and geese in the afternoons or shoot both over the same set of decoys depending on the weather. He’s harvesting 95% Mallards, Pintail, and giant Honkers with a few Snows and Specks mixed in. You can either drive (about 12-14 hours) or fly very easily into Grande Prairie. If you have never experienced Canada Hunting you owe it to yourself to make it up there. Ryan also offers specials to already existing Eagle Lakes customers. Contact Ryan directly at (509)528-8754 or ryanbernsen@yahoo.com.

​The Bass and Walleye fishing is on right now! The boys have been averaging over 40 bass per trip and 10 plus walleye. The fish are huge right now, check out the webpage or Facebook for some updated pictures of some giants! If you are interested please contact one of the guides directly or call the office. We have fishing specials going on for our Eagle Lakes customers!

​Only 125 days until the dove opener!!! The boys already have some canola planted for those wiley critters to munch on. There also appears to be quite a bit of wheat around the zone. Our dove hunting seems to be getting better and better. With the addition of being able to pound the Eurasian doves and the increased bag limits and expanded season, it will be even more fun.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of the Eagle Lakes team and the Bernsen family. For over 60 years we have been so fortunate to have the amazing following that has made our business so successful. We are truly blessed to have such a loyal group of hunters that show up year after year. The relationships that have formed between all of you, our family, and our staff has been overwhelming.

​​​Thank you again,
​​​Happy Hunting!
​​​​Michael J. Bernsen, ELR.