Update Feb 10, 2016

Eagle Lakers,

We finished the season off with a bang!  The shooting from right before Christmas until the very last day was outstanding.  When it got cold we were holding between 500,000- 750,000 ducks for about 3 ½ weeks.  The shooting couldn’t have been any better, with us averaging between 25-30 limits a day during that stretch.  When it warmed up we lost a lot of ducks back to the north, but the small ponds that were frozen opened back up and the ducks that were around found them quickly.  Shooting wasn’t as fast and furious as it had been, but still very good.  November and early December were very inconsistent this year.  In November, our ducks were at least 2 weeks behind schedule and made for some long days in the field.  We still had lots of great hunts, but too many shoots that weren’t up to Eagle Lakes standards.  In general the duck harvest numbers will still be above our normal averages.  The goose shooting was outstanding from opening day right through the last weekend.  We did our standard 70% honker to lesser ratio.  On most days the birds decoyed wonderfully…there were a few days of bright sunshine, clear and cold, and a couple of thick fog days that the shooting was a little bit off.  Overall a fabulous season with harvest numbers way above average.

Attached (link to the botttom right of the page) you will find our new 2016/2017 hunting calendar and price sheet.  We will also have it up on our website by mid next week.  Please pick out your dates as soon as possible.  Most of our groups have booked their trips while they were here hunting this past season, leaving limited availability in the lodge.  For those of you who have already selected your dates, Kaci will be calling you within the next few weeks to confirm dates, group sizes and collect deposits.

We have several new and exciting projects that are scheduled for construction for the 2016/2017 season.  Hopefully they will be as successful as some of our most recent habitat improvements.  The improvements that we made in the Scootney corridor were off the charts good!!  This season we harvested over 500 mallards more than our previous high.

Thank you for your continued support of Eagle Lakes!


Mike Bernsen